1. Level One Demo current progress (2016/2017)

2. Alternate Level, with music collaboration by composer Molly Joyce.

3. Level One Demo current progress with 2011 comic book/storyboard comparison (2016/2017)

4. Alternate Level, with music collaboration by composer Molly Joyce.

5. Level One Demo current progress (Alternate scene 02 for site specific VR artwork) (2016/2017)

Previous works

6. Items in Varied Renders exhibition - installation shot (VR Sculpture “Item with oVerhead Reality”, Painting “Item Showroom High Resolution Screenshot #143), 2016, Virtual reality sculpture/accessory installed by a painting Object 10x10x48 inches, Painting 60x72 inches A virtual reality headset faces a painting in an exhibition that plays with ideas of mixed reality- the merging of real and virtual worlds. Forms entering and exiting various mediums create a constant feedback loop; images and textures seen in virtual simulations may originate from physical pieces, and vice versa.

7. Item with oVerhead Reality, 2016, Virtual reality sculpture/accessory: headset, fabric, controllers; interior virtual environment made through videogame software 10x10x48 inches, Human interacting - Variable The show’s name borrows from the vocabulary of video games, where the word ‘item’ describes objects of value, tools or even characters with artificial intelligence. In video games, collections of items are assembled in various manners: from menus to showrooms reminiscent of furniture stores.

8. Item Showroom, starting chair, 2016

Virtual environment While “Items in Varied Renders” as an exhibit functions as a physical showroom in and of itself, the virtual environment also functions in part as a showroom of more semi-functional sculptures used for viewing virtual reality environments. Here we see a chair that’s also a computer.

9. Item Showroom, lower level, 2016, Virtual environment In this virtual space, figures merge into machines, furniture, and body extensions in order to enter their own virtual spaces. The distinction between human and object is blurred by both the figures’ lack of interaction with their external environment, as well as through unifying textures pulled my paintings, and photos.

10. Item 93201, 2014, Virtual reality sculpture in front of painting 5x5x11ft sculpture, 7x11ft painting, virtual environment interior